Testimonial 1

"Dear Sesh, I would like to express my thanks for all the treatment that I have received over the past 18 months.

I thought there was no hope for my teeth until I came to you. From the start you and your staff gave me confidence. The attention to detail, care and effectiveness of my treatment has been amazing.

I have been kept totally informed of what was going on and you have been excellent. I am very impressed with the quality of your work, professionalism and patience.

Thanks again for fitting these implants and for the beautiful smile I now possess. Thanks also to the staff who were so kind, caring and helpful."

Testimonial 2

"I have had trouble with my upper right incisor for nearly as long as i can remember - since some nasty natured child put a stick through the spokes of my bicycle, and the landing in the road saw the end of said incisor.

Mr Burke repaired it with a crown which lasted several years until a mis-aimed volley broke the peg. I then had dentures of varying size until Mr Tucker ground down the surrounding teeth and fitted a bridge, which lasted 10 years.

It was then I went to Sesh of Stotfold Dental Practice for implants. These were started off on 6 January 2014 and involved the insertion of 3 titanium implants which were like screws without the heads with a few other parts, and these were fitted with little discomfort.

The result is a splendid set of front teeth completed by 11 May 2014. Sesh is a most charming man and the process is certainly nothing to be afraid of. He will fill, extract, implant or deal with any other problem with the greatest of ease."

Testimonial 3

"I have recently become a patient with Stotfold Dental Surgery and have been under the care of Mr Sesh Rao, undergoing extensive treatment including implants. I approached this with great trepidation and a little fear, as I had put this off for a couple of years with my previous dentist.

I have to say Sesh has been marvellous, so reassuring and kind, making these visits far easier than I expected. I chose to have sedation for a couple of appointments, and was nervous about that too. But again I was completely put at ease and floated out of the surgery an hour or so later!

I was particularly impressed by the way Sesh explained step by step every aspect of the treatment, and also the facility to contact him anytime if I had any worries or concerns about any part of it.

The results of the treatment are fantastic and I couldn't be more thrilled! I feel totally confident putting myself in the hands of Sesh and his team, and would recommend this practice to anyone."

Testimonial 4

"I have had a dreaded fear of Dentists and Needles from an early age. After numerous Dentist's in my past I want to congratulate Sesh Rao on his new surgery.

Sesh has a very relaxing nature about him which has helped me out considerably; today I have had an infected tooth removed with some serious root canal involved as well as having a filling directly behind it. I wish I had a crystal ball for today's event. Sesh was professional and with his great manner of making me feel relaxed, I was in and done within a matter of moments with no pain ! I had been constantly worried about this for a week after I had made the appointment. My original dentist in Biggleswade wanted a fortune for extraction unfortunately I left it until Christmas last year when the tooth snapped and my dentist was away on holiday obviously reaping the benefit of expensive extractions!!

I visited a Dentist in Ashwell, unfortunately there was only a young dentist on duty who duly snapped the tooth across the top of the gum. I was then informed that apparently I needed expensive corrective surgery. Fortunately I didn't go back but left it until now to sort the problem out. I found myself in a tooth discussion with lots of local people from Stotfold, Hinxworth and Fairfield Park all patients of Sesh and was told to go and see him. As you can see from the above comments I am delighted with Sesh and my faith is now restored on twice yearly check ups, plus the odd bit of tooth whitening and just as importantly Sesh is extremely good value against the dentists in Biggleswade and Ashwell!"

Testimonial 5

"I registered at Stotfold Dental Clinic about 3 years ago after hearing good things about Sesh and his team. I had regular check ups with Sesh and felt very happy with his manner and found going to the dentist a lot less terrifying than I had previously.

I have always disliked my front teeth and rarely smiled because of this. Earlier this year I decided I would see what my options were to getting them straightened out. I looked on the website and saw that Sesh offered a free consultation, so instantly I phoned the clinic and made an appointment. As the appointment day arrived I was so nervous as I didn't really know what I was expecting or if braces were my only option! Sesh talked me through all the options including braces. I decided after a long discussion that crowns and veneers were the perfect solution! I was told all the pros and cons of each treatment available and felt able to make an informed decision.

Three weeks later my treatment was underway! I will not say that it was enjoyable but it certainly was not the pain I was expecting! I was able to contact Sesh with any concerns and questions along the way, which helped a great deal.

Post treatment I have now got used to my new teeth and am surprised with the comments I have received. I knew it would change my life but didn't realise quite how much. For the first time in my adult life I can smile in photographs and not feel self conscious. Finally at the age of 27 I feel happy with how my teeth look and am smiling a lot more!!

I would like to sincerely thank Sesh and his wonderful team. I felt looked after and at ease with the staff especially Kelly who really made me feel comfortable and always made me laugh! I would highly recommend all the staff at this practise and will continue to be a patient here to look after my new smile!"

Testimonial 6

"Would like to say how happy I am with my veneers. I was not happy with my teeth at all, it affected my confidence and restricted my smile. I came and saw Sesh, and he assured me that he could help. He took me through step by step, what treatments were available at what prices. Throughout my treatment, he was reassuring, informative and extremely professional, as were the team. The end result was amazing. Excellent communication, professional treatment and good value for money. Thanks team"

Testimonial 7

"Being aware that others around me had better brighter smiles and a wedding looming I decided to investigate the possibility of having veneers fitted to my teeth. I approached Stotfold Dental Clinic where a booking was made for me to see Mr Sesh Rao. As I approached the date of my initial consultation I was apprehensive if Sesh could help. I knew my case would not be conventional as I wanted to bring my top teeth forward to get rid of my under bite. After a thorough consultation Sesh talked me through in detail what he could do. I was delighted that both of my concerns could be addressed at his clinic. I felt over the subsequent weeks, whilst Sesh prepared my teeth and new porcelain veneers, that I was guided and reassured through the whole process. In business myself I was given additional confidence as Sesh and I both signed a written contract outlining the procedure and costs. The Clinics staff are excellent too and within a few weeks I had the smile and beautiful teeth. I would recommend Mr Rao’s clinic to anyone as I found it to be very professional and they all work very hard to get me the outcome I needed. I am very pleased."

Testimonial 8

"I have recently registered myself and my two young girls with Sesh and we went along for our check up appointment. Sesh was fantastic with my 6 & 7 year old, they are highly excitable children and love to perform wherever they go, Sesh made them feel very comfortable with the surroundings and encouraged them to sing and relax, he let them "assist" him which made them feel terribly important and on leaving they were delighted to get a sticker. They felt disappointed that they didn't need treatment as they were enjoying the experience so much and they cant wait to go back again.

I'm not particularly comfortable with dentists and discovered I needed to have 4 fillings and a couple of hygienist appointments. All the treatments have been very professional, friendly and very good value for money, I am delighted that I have found such a good dentist in Stotfold and would thoroughly recommend them to my friends."

Testimonial 9

"I have been a patient at Stotfold Dental Clinic for many years but noticed a huge difference in the care and service provided when Dr Rao took over the practice. I was always nervous about going to the dentist but Sesh's gentle and patient manner means dental appointments are not as scary as they used to be!

I needed a "solution" to a crown that had always been prone to infection and Sesh suggested an implant. He ensured that I received all the information regarding the implant and gave me plenty of time to consider the procedure. After which I decided to go ahead and have the crown, and tooth below it, removed, and a new "tooth" implanted. I have had the implant for over two years and have never had a problem - it's probably stronger than my own teeth!

Dr Rao and his team have always been extremely understanding and professional, and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending his services."

Testimonial 10

"I have been a patient of Mr Rao since he came to the Stotfold practice. As I am a very nervous person I chose to be sedated for the treatment. On arriving at the surgery I found the staff welcoming and friendly, the waiting room is bright and there is even a television to watch.

Before Mr Rao began the sedation procedure he explained to me exactly what he was going to do. I was made to feel very comfortable and calm. Mr Rao spoke to me all the time, reassuring me before I went to sleep. On waking I still felt drowsy but with no memory of the procedure. This was the first time that I have been sedated and I will in future consider having dental treatment using this method."

Testimonial 11

"I have been a patient of Mr Rao at Stotfold Dental Clinic, since he came to Stotfold, and have had several procedures done. The surgery is so bright and stylish and a 'pleasure' to enter; the reception staff are very welcoming.

Mr Rao himself is a very charming and courteous man. During treatment he explains everything that is to be done, making it as 'pain-free' as possible. At last a dentist that is friendly, just what Stotfold needs."

Testimonial 12

"I wish to state my lower jaw implants treatment was carried out professionally and caringly with the knowledge that I could always telephone if I had any worries. I am very satisfied with the completed work, resulting in the new denture fitting securely and comfortably."

Testimonial 13

"The work you carried out on my teeth was excellent. Despite my nervousness throughout the treatment, the finished result is better that I could have hoped. Rather than a half-hearted smile hiding my teeth I now find myself showing them off. Many thanks for all your hard work and professionalism."

Testimonial 14

"I am an octogenarian with a lifelong history of bad teeth and ill-fitting Dentures. I decided that the time had come when I should do something to enable me to open my mouth and speak out with confidence that my bottom denture wouldn’t fall out. I searched the Internet to look for local Dentists as I am unwilling to travel too far and found Stotfold Dental Practice. I studied the Testimonials and was impressed by the experiences of others. I must say that was the best thing I have done in many years! I am now the possessor of the happiest of smiles and full of confidence with my lovely teeth. My experience of the Treatment and the outcome is beyond my expectations and I cannot praise Mr. Sesh Rao and his Staff highly enough. I would be pleased to recommend this Practice to anyone who is the least bit worried or fearful, as being beyond reproach."

Testimonial 15

I have just finished a course of treatment comprising two implants supporting a bridge and crown. I'd like to pass my thanks to Sesh and his team for their support and care during what was for me a stressful experience! I am absolutely delighted with the finished result and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering dental implants.